Hierarchy for treatment of welding fumes

There are international standards for the preferred order in which welding fume extraction systems must be captured. This order is listed below. The next solution is chosen only when the previous one cannot be applied or is only a partial solution. In practice the total solution for a workshop is often a mixture of methods.

Reduce or avoid the production of welding fumes, Find out where energy savings can be made
At-source capture of welding fumes
Separate source and human by automation and e.g. an extraction hood

General ventilation and personal protection

A cleaner factory
When welding fumes are captured effectively, it will prevent the polluted air from spreading all over the premises. The machine areas, tools, products, offices and rest areas will stay clean as no dust and fumes will fall down anymore.

Less absence due sickness
Welding fume extraction is likely to reduce the absence of the workforce caused by sickness. It can also reduce other health complaints throughout a company, such as occupational asthma and eye irritation.

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