Understanding the New Jersey Realty Transfer Fee

Thinking about buying a Jersey Shore home? The good news is that the seller in New Jersey pays the transfer fee here. Thinking about selling your Jersey Shore home? Below is information on what the fee will be.
The Realty Transfer Fee (RTF) was established in New Jersey in 1968 for the purpose of defraying the cost of tracking the transfer of real property. Funds from the RTF are shared between the state and counties. The state portion of the revenue is allocated to neighborhood revitalization, shore protection, extraordinary aid and the state’s general fund. The counties are responsible for disbursement of their portion of the revenue.

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Jersey Shore Sold Transactions
Current New Jersey Realty Transfer Fee
The Realty Transfer Fee applies to all residential and commercial property transfers.The transfer fee is made up of five parts: the basic fee, which was established in 1968 and increased in 1975; the additional fee, established in 1985; the supplemental fee, which was established in 2003; the general purpose fee, established in 2004; and the 1 percent fee, established in 2004 and extended to commercial property in 2006.The New Jersey Division of Taxation has posted a realty transfer fee schedule based upon the specific amount of consideration, up to $1.7 million. The fees are broken down into non-exempt properties, exempt properties (which include senior citizens, blind and disabled persons, and low-income housing), and new construction. View the charts below:
RTF schedule for properties under $350,000
RTF schedule for properties over $350,000
More information on the RTF is available from The Lazarus Team, The Landis Company, Realtors (609) 457-0258 or info@mygo2realtor.com .

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