8 Reasons to Buy a Jersey Shore Home Now

As the real estate market continues through the bumpy bottom towards recovery, the vacation home market is heating up, causing families to seriously consider buying a vacation home before the next up turn.

 “Whether you’re looking for a charming beach bungalow or a high rise condo, a host of market conditions have come together to make buying a vacation home a smart move.”

“The drop in home prices, incredibly low interest rates and the increase in demand for vacation rentals make it an optimal time to explore a second home purchase.

1. Prices down 20-40%.  Lower prices and less competition are the tip of the iceberg-sized list of factors that make it a good time to consider a vacation home buy.

2. Living the dream. Many people have dreamed of a Shore home and are know making it a reality.

3. Interest rates. Rates, of course, are at historic lows. Lock in a good rate, buy a vacation home in a desirable location, and watch your asset appreciate over the long-term.

4. Need to relax. Many busy people find The Jersey Shore a very relaxing place. Year around the beach communities have a laid back atmosphere and lots to do to unwind.

5. A relatively safe investment. Real estate has proven itself to be a safe place to park your money for the long-term. (Long-term is key). Stock market woes have always pushed people to look for alternate investments, and real estate is a consistent stronghold.

6. A place for the whole family. Having a place for all your family and friends to congregate. TheJerseyShore is centrally located half way between the East Coast Metropolis (New York toWashington,DC).

7. Make a profit. Or, better yet, make your vacation home pay for itself. Only planning on using your vacation home a few months out of the year? Rent it out short-term to vacationers looking for a great place to stay. Many homeowners make a killing listing their homes on VRBO.com. (Vacation Rental By Owner).

8. Touch your investment. After years of reviewing investment statements many families decide to touch their investment in the form of real estate.

If this message has hit home for you, please contact me as many people before you have and let me work through the home buying process for you.

This year alone I have helped my clients buy beach properties from $85,000. to over $1.1 million from Atlantic City down as far south as Wildwood Crest. With over 28 years of experience I know the Jersey Shore as well as anyone. I have a deep understanding of the different towns and can help you navigate through them. 

Please let me, Ian Lazarus and my team of experienced agents make your dream come true. Its not as scary as it seems. There are still so great deals out there.

Warm regards,

Ian Lazarus

The Lazarus Team

The Landis Co., Realtors




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