Top 10 Jersey Shore Foods

Let this handy list of the Top 10 Jersey Shore Foods be your guide to understanding the culinary choices available to the tourists at Jersey Shore.

10. Manco & Manco Pizza


Pizza is a staple of Jersey boardwalk fare, and Ocean City’s Manco & Manco is the best on the promenade. This is a decidedly NYC-style pie — the big floppy kind that you can fold in half and chow down on while you walk. Unlike the trash that drifts down to Jerseyto participate on the show, this is one NYC import we can all enjoy. (Photo: Infinite Jeff)

9. Dippin’ Dots

The future of ice cream! Or so they’ve been telling us for the past twenty five years. At what point will the future actually get here so I can throw out my Ben & Jerry’s? These ice-cold globules used to be a “special occasion” item that you would see for sale at the shore. These days, I can buy them from a machine at the mall. Kinda takes the charm out of it. (Photo: newwavegurly)

8. Salt Water Taffy

All the nutritional value of a conversation with Mike “The Situation,” these chewy treats are the bane of brace-wearing children everywhere. Each box always includes some bullshit story about how the taffy was invented when candy fell into seawater, but you’re mostly just interested in getting the good flavors and shafting your siblings with the banana and licorice. Corn syrup + artificial flavoring = awesome. (Photo: Live?Laugh?Love)

7. Boardwalk Fries

These things are so good that they made a mediocre fast food franchise out of them! The signs that say the fries are cooked in “100% peanut oil” were tantalizingly exotic to a third grader in the 1980s (yeah, my horizons have expanded since then), and the fact that they sliced the potatoes on premises made it even more fun. The medium-cut sticks are great for the most part — the fries that you get from the center of the potatoes are long and perfectly cooked — but the unfortunate slices that are nicked off the edges invariably lead to a pile of deep-fried potato skins in the bottom of your paper cup. Bummer. (Photo: roboppy)

6. Binge Drinking

Sure, it’s not technically a food item, but it does account for approximately 56% of the total calories consumed at the Jersey Shore. In fact, I think that national Beer Pong Championships are held in Wildwood Crest. (Photo: C o l i n)

5. Casino Buffets

What’s better than a little bit of bad food? A whole shitload of bad food! There are a bunch of crappy buffets located along a number of the boardwalks, but the casinos in Atlantic Citytraditionally have the best buffets. Now, as the casinos have transitioned from “places you can go to lose $200 on a Saturday” to ”family destinations,” they have been adding high-end restaurants from celebrity chefs like Bobby Flay. Don’t count on any trips down to AC by the Jersey Shore crew. Flash casino games and blackjack require way too much math. (Photo: iirraa)

4. Fudgy Wudgy

It’s just a fudgesicle, but you haven’t been to the Jersey shore until you’ve been laying on a beach blanket only to have your ears perked up by the dulcet tones of “FUUUUUUUUUDGY WUUUUUUUUDGY!” coming from a vendor pushing a refrigerated cart across the baking-hot sand. I contend that it is physically impossible to not want a fudgesicle under these circumstances. That the vast majority of the popsicle sticks end up as litter on the beach is a small price to pay for this convenience, I suppose. (Photo: Jocelyn | McAuliflower)

3. Funnel Cake

Oh yeah…deep fried dough covered in powdered sugar, these things are sold by every fourth of fifth vendor on the boardwalk. Of course, some foodies may argue that the funnel cake pales in comparison to the Italian zeppole, much like the Jersey Guidos are sad parodies of Eye-talian Americans. (Photo: churl)

2. Kohr Brothers Frozen Custard

I’ve been to the Jersey Shore boardwalk for over thirty years and I’ve passed Kohr Brothers locations more times than I can count, and I’m certain that they sell something other than the vanilla-orange swirl cone, but I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen anyone order something other than this amazing combination of creaminess, tanginess and dairy architecture. (Photo: CellPhoneSusie)

1. Good Seafood

Wait, a completely non-sarcastic entry? Well it’s true. There is some fantastic fresh local seafood down the shore, including oysters, striped bass and monkfish, although much of it has quickly gone from underrated to over-fished in the blink of an eye. When I was a more active fisherman, I used to pull out and eat species including flounder and bluefish. I’m also proud to tell you that — despite the presence of many Guidos in the water — Jersey-caught seafood does not taste like it’s been marinated in Hawaiian Tropic and hair gel. (Photo: peekandeat)

Did we miss any of your Jersey Shore favorites?

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