Sea Isle City Construction Project Updates March 2012


North End and Downtown Beach Replenishment Program – The project included the placement of sand at several areas of the beach on the entire island, including portions of Strathmere and Sea Isle City. Sea Isle’s project area is from 1st to 15th and 30th to 52nd Streets. The contractor, Weeks Marine, has completed beach-fill placement and has removed the dredge from Corson’s Inlet. Dune fence installation and dune grass planting is 90% complete, and is expected to be totally completed within the next week.

With the project substantially completed, the City will be coordinating with representatives of FEMA to obtain reimbursement of 75% of the eligible costs of the project. The beach-fill and dune reconstruction from 1st to 15th and 40th to 52nd Street was previously determined to be eligible for FEMA reimbursement, based on the damages that had occurred in a November 2009 storm event, which was a federally declared disaster. The beach from 30th to 40th Street, while not eligible for FEMA funding, was 75% funded by the State of New Jersey, as the City was successful in its efforts to obtain available funds from the state’s dedicated shore protection funding source.

Please see photos below of Sea Isle’s beach replenishment efforts and new dune fencing…

Phase 2 of Excursion Park, Beach to Bay Corridor – This project involves streetscape improvements to the public corridor along JFK Boulevard from the Promenade to Landis Avenue, and widening of the sidewalks along each side of this corridor by 3 feet. The contractor, Fred M. Schiavone Construction, is in the process of placing the surface pavement, in efforts to open up the street for the coming weekend. The landscape planter walls, landscaping, sod and sidewalk pavers have been substantially completed for the entire project. New, relocated utility poles have been placed; and the electric, cable, and phone utilities are scheduled to relocate the overhead wires over the next two weeks. Delivery of the new, decorative light poles is scheduled for April, at which time the project will be able to be completed.

Please see photos below of Phase 2 construction, taken earlier this week…

Demolition of Existing Library / Beach Tag Facility and Conversion to Parking Lot – NO CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS UPDATE – Demolition of the old library facility will start in April. Construction of the parking lot will follow immediately afterwards. The completion of the parking lot will be prior to Skimmer Weekend (June 16 and 17).

Construction of Welcome Center Addition to the Community Lodge and Renovations of the Existing Lodge Facility and Site – The contractor, R. Wilkinson and Sons, has completed piling installation for the Welcome Center addition and the handicapped access ramps. Renovation work inside the Community Lodge is in progress, to completely rehabilitate the restrooms. The City has relocated the Lodge activities to the former Library Building; and the renovation work in the Lodge will be complete in order to allow re-entry into the Lodge at the end of March. The Welcome Center addition is scheduled for completion by mid-June. The project will provide for improved heating, ventilating and air conditioning in the existing lodge; improved restroom facilities that comply with handicapped accessibility requirements; improved access to the lodge that also complies with handicapped accessibility requirements; and a complete addition of a Welcome Center. The project is the culmination of several years of public discussion about the need for a Welcome Center, as well as the need for continued utilization of the current lodge facility.

Improvements to T.I. Park – The contractor, Axios, Inc., has completed framing for the new decks and ramps and is in the process of installing the deck on the access ramps. The project involves replacement of all the ramp and pavilion decking with Timbertech (plastic material similar to that used at the Marina); replacement of the wood railing with aluminum; addition of a handicapped ramp at the southern end of the park; and other various improvements to the facility to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Given the magnitude of the work and the removal of existing ramps and accesses, in order to ensure public safety, the park will be closed to public access while the construction takes place. The project is expected to be completed by early April.

Please see photos below of T. I. Park, taken March 6…

Lagoon Dredging – On February 14, City Council authorized award of a contract to Wickberg Marine Contracting, of Belford, NJ, in the amount of $719,336. Letters have been issued to property owners adjacent to the lagoons, advising them of the particulars of the project, and providing contact information for the contractor, in the event the property owners wish to participate in the project.

The current status of the project is as follows:

*The contractor has mobilized his equipment on site and has started construction of dike walls in the dredged material disposal area, located west of the library, adjacent to Rio Grande lagoon (Rio Grande is along 47th Place). Dike construction will take approximately 6 weeks.
*Dredging of Rio Grande Lagoon and a portion of Rio Del Isole (along Venicean Road) will take place from about mid-April through May.
*Dredging work will cease over the summer and re-commence after Labor Day, when the remainder of the lagoons will be dredged.

The lagoons to be dredged are as follows:
Rio Grande (south side of 47th Place)
Rio Delle Stelle (between 46th and 47th Place)
Rio Delle Luna (between 45th and 46th Place)
Rio Del Amore (between 44th Street and 45th Place)
Rio Delle Isole (along the east side of Venicean Road)
Rio Del Barache (between 43rd Place and 44th Street)
Rio Del Affare (between 42nd and 43rd Place)
Rio Delle Ponte (along Park Road on either side of 43rd Place)

The project provides for the ability of private property owners adjacent to the project area to enter into an agreement with the successful dredging contractor to dredge their private slips (at the private owner’s expense).

Please see photos below of the preparation efforts at the dredge disposal area adjacent to Rio Grande Lagoon, taken March 7…

Sewer and Road Reconstruction on Central Avenue (49th to 69th Street) – The project has been contracted to the firm of Lewandowski Construction Industries, Inc., of Waterford, NJ, and will be performed in two phases. The first phase is from 49th to 63rd Street (prior to the 2012 summer season) and the second phase is from 63rd to 69th Street (following the 2012 summer season). The project will rehabilitate or replace the deteriorated underground sewer system, as well as provide for reconstruction of the entire one mile stretch of roadway. The contractor has mobilized on site, and is currently working between 60th and 63rd Streets (traffic is currently detoured between 60th and 63rd on Central Avenue). Work will proceed through the spring, then be halted for the summer. The current plan includes installation of the required manholes and sewer lines, along with reconstruction of the street surface from 63rd to 49th Street, prior to the summer season.

Please see photos below of the construction on Central Avenue near 63nd Street…

Utility Reconstruction on Landis Avenue (54th to 69th Street) – The project has been contracted to F.W. Shawl & Sons, of Marmora, NJ, and will provide for water and sewer line replacement in advance of the County project to resurface Landis Avenue from 54th to 69th Street. The contractor has started to mobilize on site and work will start this week. The project is scheduled to be completed around mid-May. The County is scheduled to resurface Landis Avenue, from 54th to 69th Street, either in the fall of 2012 or spring of 2013.

Inflow and Infiltration (I & I) Remediation –The firm of Video Pipe Services, Inc., of Newfield, NJ, is in the process of performing work associated with internal repairs of sewer pipelines and manholes throughout the City. The portion of the project involving sealing of sanitary sewer mains has been substantially completed. Repair and lining of sewer laterals identified as needing corrective work is in progress, and that work is now scheduled to be completed in April, which will complete this phase of the I & I remediation. The need for this project was identified over the past several years through a comprehensive investigation and analysis of the City’s sewer system. Sewer systems are prone to both inflow (overland water entering the sewer system through manhole covers and other surface openings in the system) and infiltration (entry of groundwater into pipelines through cracks, deteriorated pipe, and pipe joints). The effects of I & I are symptoms of deterioration of the sewer system that must be corrected to avoid more problematic maintenance issues and potential failure of the sewer system. I & I is also costly, in that the City must pay for the unnecessary treatment of water that enters the sanitary sewer system. This is the first phase of a multi-year citywide sewer maintenance and improvement project that will ensure the continued viability of the City’s vital sewer infrastructure. As indicated above, this project is expected to be completed by April. The next phase of I & I work will involve replacement of sewer lines that cannot be corrected through internal, “no-dig” repairs, as are being performed in this phase. As those projects are engineered and prepared for bidding and construction, we will provide updates on the specific details of the projects.

Utility Reconstruction, Various Streets – The City is in the process of preparing plans and specifications for a project to replace deteriorated underground utilities (water and sewer) in several streets as part of its comprehensive road and utility program. The following streets are currently being engineered for utility work in order to put the project out to bid; and the City expects to advertise for construction bids within the next three weeks. The work will be completed in the spring, with a summer hiatus and a fall completion. Following utility work, the streets will receive new surface paving. The following streets are included in this project:
1. 50th Street, Landis Avenue to Promenade
2. 51st Street, Landis Avenue to Promenade
3. 60th Street, Landis Avenue to Central Avenue
4. 43rd Place street-end with guide rail barrier
5. 42nd Street, Landis Avenue to Promenade
6. 79th Street, Landis Avenue to Central Avenue
7. 60th Street, Landis Avenue to Beach End
JFK Boulevard Reconstruction, Bridge to Landis Avenue – The County has been working with the City for design of the project to reconstruct and reconfigure JFK Boulevard from the Bridge to Landis Avenue. The project limits also include reconstruction of Landis Avenue from JFK Boulevard to 40th Street. The project scope will include the addition of widened sidewalks, decorative lighting, streetscape improvements and landscaping, drainage improvements, and elevation of the road surface, which will assist during times of flooding. The County Engineer and the design engineering firm of Urban Engineers (which is under contract to the County), along with the City Engineer, made a presentation on the JFK Boulevard project on March 7, 2012 in council chambers, at which those in attendance were informed of the project details and the proposed timing of the project. The meeting was attended by approximately 30 members of the public and the media, with the opportunity for questions and concerns to be raised. The engineers addressed issues relative to drainage, traffic, the proposed elevation of the road surface, changes to the road configuration, and the new streetscape. The project involves federal funding, and the next step is for the County to obtain authorization from federal and state agencies to proceed to bidding. If authorization is received, the County will put the project out to bid by July in order to award a contract for a fall 2012 construction start. In this event, construction will take place between October 2012 and May 2013.

Paving of 43rd Street from Landis Avenue to Park Road – The City will receive bids for construction of the project on March 14. The work will involve final re-surfacing of the street. This paving project will finalize a complete reconstruction of this section of 43rd Street, which previously received new water and sewer lines. The paving work will be completed prior to the summer season.

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