Be glad you are buying or bought at the Jersey Shore and not Dubai !

Timing is everything ! Everything is timing !

Reuters is out with a new report on the state of real estate in Dubai. According to the report, prices in Dubai are expected to continue to decline. Here on the Jersey Shore in Cape May County, we are expecting prices to steady. Unlike many international markets we continue to have an influx of yearly vacationers to Sea Isle City and the Jersey Shore.

Buyers have been enjoying the benefits of the lower than normal interest rates are quietly buying up most of the low hanging real estate before next spring when the sellers seem to have some footing on the prices and have the benefit of the summer rental income wind at their backs.

My peers and I used to joke about having clients cruise down during snow storms with borrowed SUV’s to get a brand new property listing under contract before the weekend when herds of potential home owners would weigh down the Islands with cash filled pockets and deposit checks already written and signed before even seeing the house.

To put this in prospective this is the fall and winter season that buyers will be rambling down for the last of the distressed inventory. More of the available properties are priced to market than anytime in the past seven years.

Contact Ian or any well trained agents of The Lazarus Team, The Landis Co., Realtors, for market data that an engineer would cry for. We can explain the information so that your four old grandchild can grasp as long as he didnt just get off the boat from . . . . .

Get the point? We do easy, easy ! As my son Rami says “Relax and let use do the heavy lifting.” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree I see.

For all of the reader who have been lulled to sleep over the past seven years and congratulating themselves in not getting caught purchasing a shore home at the top of the market for what ever reason. Don’t get to cocky because even the smart and very smart money are moving in.

Let us know what part of the buying process we can help. We are saving our clients thousands of dollars today!

For those who are interested we do have a Jersey Shore Foreclosure & Short Sale Email List Available.

From the beautiful beaches of the Jersey Shore to Florida , I serve discerning home buyers and sellers.

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