Certain buyers signal the bottom of the market has been achieved and it’s time to buy

Anyone who has a good grasp of their local market and has been in Real Estate for more than 10 minutes recognize who are the big players in their area. A call from a business man with the Midas touch, got me thinking the signal just went from yellow to green,

You will never be able to buy at the absolute bottom of the real estate market. But the next best thing is buying as the market emerges from the bottom. Buying as the market gains momentum you are gaining equity the moment it closes and are riding it up again.

Back to the signals: Who is buying development land? People with vision and a business plan…is there a risk- If you expect a reward you bet there is a risk? But if you are convinced a location is perfect for your application , you’ll never be able to buy it for less…and you don’t want to be competing with someone else for failing to pulling the trigger first (it is time to buy before everyone else realizes it).

This buyer never stops thinking- he is a mover and a shaker…he is the go to guy, when he calls to ask about a property you can guarantee the value is about to jump.

Think about the buyer who always bought and sold at the right time, watch when he starts buying, as all the investment companies say in their disclosure “past performance is not a guarantee of future profits” But it is a very good bet. I am seeing the signals clearly, buyers who have never lost on a property are looking…what does that tell you?

If this piece of land doesn’t become a crucial part of a future business success I’ll be very surprised. Watch the past performers and see what they are doing. I’ve been marketing and selling real estate for 26 years, my gut is telling me things will be very different a year from now and if you aren’t willing to work hard now you’ll be missing some great opportunities when the market improves.

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